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DaisyDay's eye. A flower name. Female
DaisyDay's eye. A flower name. Female
DakotaFriend: ally. Tribal name. FemalePlace-name
DaleLives in the valley MaleEnglish
Daliaa branch, to draw waterFemaleHebrew
DallasDwells by the waterfall MalePlace-name
DaltonFrom the farm in the dale MaleEnglish
DamianTame MaleGreek
Danielmy judge is the LordMaleHebrew
DanielleGod is my judge FemaleHebrew
Daphnelaurel, bay tree, victoryFemaleGreek
Darcy from ArcyMaleEnglish
DawnEarly riser FemaleWord
DelilahDesired. Languishing. The Biblical Delilah tempted Samson into revealing the secret of his superhuman strength. FemaleArabic
DenisMountain Of ZeusUnisexFrench
Desireedesired, wishedFemale
DestinyDestiny, FateFemaleEnglish
DiamondIn The RoughFemale
Dinkydog on National Lampoon's VacationUnisex
DollyVariant of the Greek Dorothy meaning Gift of God. FemaleEnglish
DominicBelonging To GodMaleEnglish
DominiqueBelonging to GodMale
Drewsturdy, visionMaleEnglish

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