Bert: Meaning of cat name Bert

Pronunciation: [Bert]

Gender of Bert: Male

Meaning of Bert: English, noble, bright

Origin of Bert: English

Variant Forms:

BertieBrilliant, Illuminated FameMaleEnglish
ButchMasculine in appearance or manner.MaleNickname

Famous Cats Named Bert:

Catbert: The evil human resources director in the comic strip Dilbert.

Famous People Named Bert:

Umberto Eco is an Italian essayist, philosopher, novelist and literary critic, known for his pioneering novel ‘The Name of the Rose’.

Thomas Robert Malthus was an English economist best known for his hugely influential theories on population growth.

Roger Ebert was an American film critic for the Chicago Sun-Times and PBS Network, journalist and screenwriter.

Robertson Davies was one of the most illustrious playwrights, critics and professors of the 20th century.

Robert Winston is a highly acclaimed academician and medical doctor.

Robert W. Service was a British-Canadian poet and writer of his time.

Robert Treat Paine was a lawyer cum politician and one of the Founding fathers of America.

Robert Stone is an award winning novelist best known for his novel ‘Dog Soldiers’.

Robert Smith is an English musician and the lead singer of the British rock band, ‘The Cure.

Robert Rauschenberg was an American artist known for pioneering the concept of pop art with Jasper Johns.

Robert Owen was a social reformer who was one of the co-founders of utopian socialism.

Robert Mugabe is a Zimbabwean politician and the current president of the country.

Robert M. Pirsig is a contemporary American writer and philosopher.

Robert Louis Stevenson was a famous Scottish poet, novelist and travel writer.

Robert Kiyosaki is an entrepreneur, investor, author and motivational speaker.

Robert Johnson was an American blues singer-songwriter and musician.

Robert Hughes was an Australian-born art critic and writer.

Robert Herjavec is a Canadian entrepreneur and a TV star, founder of ‘The Herjavec Group’, a fast-growing security software company.

Robert Hayden was an American poet who wrote the famous poem, “Those Winter Sundays”.

Robert Frost is one of the most eminent and finest poets in depicting rural life.

Robert F. Kennedy was a U.

Robert E. Howard was a highly praised and renowned pulp fiction writer.

Robert Duvall is an acclaimed Hollywood actor & director with a long list of critically and commercially successful films.

Robert Downey, Jr. is an American actor who has won BAFTA and Golden Globe Award for his movies like ‘Chaplin’, ‘Sherlock’, etc.

Robert De Niro is a legendary actor of Hollywood who has given some iconic movies.

Robert Cormier was an American author and columnist known for his pessimistic novels.

Robert Burns was a famous Scottish poet and lyricist, who was also known as the national poet of Scotland.

Robert Browning was a famous English poet and playwright known for his dramatic verses.

Robert Bloch was a famous American writer mainly of crime, horror, fantasy and science fiction genres.

Robert Blake was an American actor who was accused of murdering his wife.

Robert Benchley was a writer and actor famous for his humor which influenced generations of humorists to come.

Robert A. Heinlein was a popular American science fiction writer. He raised the standards of literary quality of science fiction writing.

Rigoberta Menchú dedicated her life for betterment of the people of her nation and is credited to bring an end to Guatemalan Civil War.

Rafael Alberti was one of the prolific poets of Spanish literature.

Pat Robertson is a media mogul who hosts the Christian News, ‘The 700 Club’.

Luis Alberto Lacalle was the President of Uruguay from 1990 to 1995.

Jean-Bertrand Aristide was the first elected President of Haiti.

Jean Le Rond d’Alembert was a famous French mathematician, philosopher, and music theorist, and also the co-editor of the Encyclopédie.

J. Robert Oppenheimer is known “the father of atomic bomb” and was the lead figure of the “Manhattan Project”.

Holden Roberto was an Angolan independence leader who founded the National Liberation Front of Angola (FNLA).

Herbert Spencer was the most famous philosopher of Victorian age known for his political views.

Herbert Simon is one of the most influential men of the 20th century.

Gustave Flaubert was a French writer who is known to be one of the most potent authors of the western literature.

Gilbert K. Chesterton was one of the major literary figures of the 20th century London, often referred to as the ‘prince of paradox’.

George Herbert was a famous English poet and Anglican priest.

Franz Peter Schubert was one of the most prolific composers of his time.

David Hilbert is considered to be one of the most influential mathematicians of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Claudette Colbert was an American actress best known for her performance in ‘It Happened One Night’.

Charles Robert Redford Jr. is an American actor, environmentalist and is the founder of the ‘Sundance Film Festival’.

Carl Albert was an American Democratic Politician.

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