Betty: Meaning of cat name Betty

Pronunciation: [Be-tty]

Gender of Betty: Female

Meaning of Betty: Devoted to God

Origin of Betty: English

Betty is the pet form of Elizabeth, and the meaning of Betty is "God is my oath".

Variant Forms:

BessDiminutive of Elizabeth. FemaleEnglish
BessieFrom Elizabeth - Consecrated to GodFemaleEnglish
BetsyConsecrated To GodFemaleEnglish
BetteConsecrated To GodFemaleEnglish
BettinaConsecrated to GodFemaleEnglish

Famous People Named Betty:

Betty Williams is a Nobel Peace Prize winner and the co-founder of Community of Peace People.

Betty Grable was an actress and dancer who was the topmost pin-up girl during the World War II era.

Betty Friedan was an American feminist, activist and writer who worked ceaselessly for women’s equality.

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