Edmund: Meaning of cat name Edmund

Pronunciation: [Ed-mund]

Gender of Edmund: Male

Meaning of Edmund: fortunate protector

Origin of Edmund: English

Meaning "wealthy protector," this was the name of a king and saint.

Variant Forms:

Eamonwealthy protectorMaleIrish
Edfrom TV show Ed, Edd, and EddyMaleEnglish
EddieFrom Edward - Prosperous guardianMaleEnglish
EddyAbbreviation of names beginning with Ed- like Edward and Edmond. MaleEnglish
EdmundoBlessed GuardianMalePortuguese
Nedwealthy guardianMaleEnglish
TedEnglish, wealthy guardianMaleEnglish
TeddyFrom Edward - Prosperous guardianUnisex

Famous People Named Edmund:

Edmund Burke was an Anglo-Irish statesman, author, orator, political theorist, and philosopher who served in the British House of Commons for several years.

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