50 Unusual Cat Names That Are Creative

Many people like unusual cat names, but most of them do not like too weird and rare names. Here comes a list of unusual and creative cat names that strike the perfect balance between unusual and familiar. Check out the below list and we believe you will love them.

Unusual Girl Cat Names

Amaris: God has said.

Anais: Grace.
Arden: Valley of the eagle.
Brisa: Breeze.
Cecily: Blind; sixth.
Charity: Charity.
Delia: Glittering.
Ellery: Cheerful.
Elodie: Marsh flower.
Flora: Flower. Also the Roman goddess of spring.
Frankie: Frenchman.
India: A country in South Asia.
Larissa: A happy person.
Maren: From the god Mars.
Noor: Light.
Ophelia: An assistant or helper.
Poppy: Floral names which are sweet and feminine.
Ramona: Protecting hands.
Roxanne: Star.
Sally: Princess.
Shea: From the fairy fort.
Sylvie: Wooded.
Tess: To harvest.
Vienna: Forest stream.
Zelda: Dark battle.

Unusual Boy Cat Names

Abner: The father is a light.

Alistair: Defending men.
Bishop: One serving the bishop.
Boone: French for Good.
Briar: Thorny plant.
Campbell: From the beautiful field.
Cormac: Charioteer.
Denver: Green valley. Also the capital city of Colorado.
Edmund: Meaning "wealthy protector," this was the name of a king and saint.
Fox: Fox is simple, sleek, and a little bit wild.
Garrison: Strong.
Gus: A short form of Augustine or Augustus, and the meaning of Gus is majestic.
Harris: Son of Harry. Also a variant of Harrison.
Keller: Cellar master.
Linus: A person with flaxen hair.
Mac: Son of.
McCoy: Fire.
Octavio: Eighth.
Otis: Wealthy.
Robin: Bright fame. Also the red-breasted songbird.
Shepherd: One who guards sheep.
Slade: Valley.
Stone: A tough, unbreakable rock.
Tobin: God is good.
Torin: Chief.

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