Brown Cat Names, Page 8

PennyGreek, weaverFemaleEnglish
PepperA spice or condiment.MaleSanskrit
PepsiBrand of cola soft drink.Male
PhilippaLover of Horses. Variant of masculine Philipp. FemaleGreek
PretzelGlazed, salted and brittle biscuit in the form of a knot or stick.Male
PuffExpelling breath, a gust of wind or a small amount of smoke.Male
PuffExpelling breath, a gust of wind or a small amount of smoke.Male
ReubenBehold a sonMaleHebrew
Richardpowerful ruler; brave oneMale
Ritapearl, preciousFemaleEnglish
RobertFamed: bright: shining. 14th-century King Robert the Bruce. Robert Burns the poet. MaleEnglish
RobinFamed: bright: shining Form of Robert popular since the medieval days of Robin Hood. Robinson: (English) Son of Robert Famed: bright: shining. Surname. Male
Rowanred-haired; ruggedMaleScottish
RoxyFrom Roxanne - Brilliant dawnFemaleEnglish
RubyJewel FemaleLatin
RumAlcohol distilled from sugar.Unisex
RussellRed as a fox.Male
RustyCovered in rust - a brownish red colour.Unisex
SableA carnivorous mammal of Northern Europe with soft, dark fur.FemaleAnimal

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