Brindle Cat Names, Page 5

Ellabeautiful fairy woman, allFemale
EmmyA statuette awarded annually by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for outstanding achievement in television.FemaleEnglish
FaithTrust, BelieveFemaleEnglish
FangA long pointed tooth.Unisex
FranklinFree man: landholder. MaleEnglish
FrecklesDotted with small brownish spots.Unisex
FredFrom Frederick - Peaceful ruler.Male
GarthGarden. MaleNorse
GingerA spiceFemaleEnglish
HarleyOld English for Army Meadow. From the hare meadowFemaleEnglish
Harveyas in The PookaMale
Haydenheather-grown hillMaleEnglish
Henryruler of the homeMale
HunterA hunter. One who searches for somethingMaleEnglish
Hurleyafter the skateboard brandMaleIrish
Indyafter Indiana JonesUnisex
IzzySalvation By GodMaleEnglish
JadeJewel. Courageous and adoring. FemaleSpanish
JakeFrom Jacob - To fill the place of anotherMaleHebrew
JasmineFlower FemalePersian
JasperBlack stone MalePersian

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