Bird Cat Names, Page 4

Odettehappy homeFemale
PalomaDove FemaleSpanish
Peabodyhaving the body of a gnatMaleEnglish
Peregrinetraveler, pilgrimMaleLatin
Phoebebright oneFemaleGreek
Phoebebright oneFemaleGreek
PhoenixMystical Bird, Purple MaleGreek
PhoenixMystical Bird, Purple MaleGreek
RavenDark haired or wise FemaleWord
RedA primary colour resembling the colour of bloodMaleColor
RimaWhite antelope FemaleArabic
Ritapearl, preciousFemaleEnglish
RobinFamed: bright: shining Form of Robert popular since the medieval days of Robin Hood. Robinson: (English) Son of Robert Famed: bright: shining. Surname. Male
RockItalian from German, restMaleEnglish
Rossfrom the TV sitcom FriendsMaleScottish
RubyJewel FemaleLatin
SaffronA cooking spiceFemaleSpice
SageAromatic grayish-green herb. Wise or experienced person.Female
SavannaFrom The Open PlainUnisexSpanish
ScarletScarlet coloured, deep redFemaleColor
Scottfrom ScotlandMaleEnglish
Shelleyclearing on a bankMaleEnglish

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