Bald Cat Names, Hairless Cat Names

Bald Cat NamesSome cats do not have hair or have very little, for instance Bramble Cat, Donskoy, Dossow, Peterbald, Sphynx and Ukrainian Levkoy. If you adopted a hairless kitten, you could consider choosing a bald or hairless name for him or her. Our bald cat names are inspired by things or names related to bald and hairless, check out the below list and select your favorite name for your male or female kittens.

Arabellayielding to prayerFemaleLatin
ArchibaldBold MaleTeutonic
Asherfortunate, lucky, blessed, happyMaleHebrew
BacchusTo ShoutMaleLatin
BacchusThe Roman Name For Dionysus, The God Of Wine And Intoxication.MaleGreek
BalderViking mythology: The God of lightUnisex
BaldricBold, Powerful, Brave RulerUnisexEnglish
Baldwinbold friendMale
BaldyLacking hair on the head.Unisex
BeauHandsome. Male
BellaBeautiful FemaleEnglish
BellaBeautiful FemaleEnglish
BrilloBrand of pot cleaner - Brillo pads.Unisex
CalvinaFeminine form of Calvino bald FemaleLatin
Colecoal, victory of the peopleMaleEnglish
CrystalVariant of Christiana. Follower of Christ. Female
CrystalVariant of Christiana. Follower of Christ. Female
Cue BallUnisexHebrew
DominiqueBelonging to GodMale
EbonyA tropical tree of southern Asia with hard, dark woodFemaleEnglish

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