Adored Cat Names, Names Inspired By Love And Worship

Adored Cat NamesWe adore our newborn male or female kittens, and they are so charming, delightful, and lovely. Here comes our collection of adored cat names, all of these names have the meaning or annotations of adore, love, and worship. They make good names for your charming cats Just check out the below list and do not hesitate to choose your favorite names for your beloved kittens.

Adonisman loved by aphrodite, handsome,.MaleGreek
Agapefrom the New Testament meaning unconditional loveUnisex
AhavaDearly loved FemaleHebrew
AhaveDearly loved Female
AikoLove, beloved one, little loveFemaleJapanese
AleiahFlower, the love of the outside.. my granddaughter Female
AmandaLovable FemaleLatin
Amarabitter, eternal, immortal, steadfast, belovedFemaleGreek
AmataDearly loved FemaleItalian
AmorSpanish for loveFemale
AmoraLove Female
AmourFrench for loveUnisex
AmyBeloved. FemaleLatin
AnabelGracious, Lovable BeautyUnisexEnglish
AnnabelBeautiful GraceFemaleScottish
AphroditeGoddess of LoveFemaleGreek
AstaBright As A StarFemaleLatin

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