50 Exotic Male Korean Cat Names For Boy Felines

Korea brings in the naming tradition of typical Asian loyalty and devotion, although today Korea is divided into two distinct territories - North Korea and South Korea. If you have Korean heritage or are simply inspired by the culture, you could consider choosing Korean cat names for your male or female kitties. For English-speaking people, it's hard to read those names of Korean characters, but you could consider one of these names inspired by Korean words. Some of them make perfect exotic boy cat names, for instance Dong, Jae, Ji, Jin, Yoon, and Yun.

Bokshil - Fluffy.
Chul - Firm.
Dae - Greatness.
Daegu - A city in South Korea.
Dong - East.
Eun - Charity.
Gi - Rising.
Gyeong - Respected.
Haengbogi - Happy.
Haenguni - Lucky.
Haneul - Heavenly.
Haru - One day.
Hayangi - Whitey.
Heendungi - Whitish.
Hoon - Teaching.
Hwan - Shining.
Hwindungi - White.
Hyeon - Person of virtue.
Hyuk - Radiant.
Hyun - Person of virtue.
Iseul - From dew.
Jae - Wealthy.
Jeong - Serene.
Ji - Wisdom.
Jin - Precious.
Joon - Handsome.
Jun - Handsome.
Ki - Rising.
Kkulbbangi - Delicious.
Kwan - Powerful.
Kwang - Wild.
Kyung - Respected.
Makki - Slang for Youngest One.
Miso - Korean for Smile.
Mongshil - Fluffy.
Myeong - Bright.
Seok - Like a rock.
Seong - Finished.
Seung - Victorious.
Suk - Like a rock.
Sun - Goodness.
Sung - Victorious.
Sunja - Meek and mild.
Wonsoongi - Monkey.
Wook - Sunrise.
Yeong - Brave.
Yong - Brave.
Yoon - Soft.
Young - Brave.
Yun - Soft.

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