18 Light-colored Cat Names For Adorable Kittens

If you want to choose a unique name for your kitten, then the name should be based on its unique appearance or personalities. For example, you could choose a name based on the coat color of your cats. Here comes our selection of unusual cat names for light-colored kittens, and these names have the meaning of light, fair, white, snow, or shining in various origins and cultures, and they make good names for your pale or light-colored felines.

Light-Colored Girl Cat Names

Cindy: Latin name means "light."

Dawn: Aurora, the first appearance of daylight.
Ellie: Short for Eleanor or Ellen, means "shining light."
Lainey: Greek name means "torch; bright light."
Lucy: Variant form of Lucia, means "light."
Nelly: Greek name means "shining light; the bright one."
Neva: Spanish name means "snowy."
Pearl: Latin name means "precious."
Uma: Indian Goddess of light.

Light-Colored Boy Cat Names

Apollo: Greek God of light.

Blake: Very light or very dark.
Gwyn: Welsh name means "fair, white."
Luca: Russian for Luke, which means "bringer of light."
Nevada: Spanish name means "snow-covered."
Morgan: Welsh name means "great brightness."
Whit: Short for White.
Wynn: Welsh name means "fair, white."
Zane: Hindu God of light.

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