23 Unique Cat Names For Blue-Eyes Kittens

Some kittens have beautiful blue eyes. If you happen to own a kitty with blue eyes, you are in luck. Blue is a mystical color, and it is often used to protect the wearer from evil. The "evil eye" itself is a blue amulet, representing the eye of the gods, and is used to protect the wearer from misfortune. Check out our selection of blue-eyed cat names for your male or female kittens with blue eyes.

Female Blue-eyed Cat Names

Alice: Alice blue was a pale shade of blue favored by Alice Roosevelt, daughter of Teddy Roosevelt. Her affinity for this shade of blue caused a national fashion sensation.

Capri: A deep sky blue and the color of the Mediterranean sea.
Celeste: Italian sky blue. Name your girl Celeste if you want an angelic companion.
Lapis: A blue stone used to make ancient ultramarine dyes and pigments. This stone was used to make the eyebrows on the gold death mask of Tutankhamen.
Robin: Robins egg blue is a pale blue tinted with green.
Sapphire: The blue gem stone is the symbol of power and strength, as well as kindness and good judgement.
Teal: A blue-green shade represents the union of heaven and Earth.
Tiffany: Only the most exquisite jewels and charms are contained in the Tiffany gift box.

Male Blue-eyed Cat Names

Cerulean: The melding point between azure blue and sky blue.

Han: A blue pigment developed in China and used in imperial paintings from 1045 BC until 220 AD.
Navy: The darkest shade of pure blue.
Royal: A rich medium blue.
Slate: A dark bluish grey and an account, as in wipe the slate clean.
Yale: Deeply ingrained in the university's identity, Yale blue originated on pennants flown at rowing competitions in the 1800s.

Unisex Blue-eyed Cat Names

Azure: The color of the clear blue sky.
Cobalt: A rich blue color to glass, glazes and ceramics.
Cyan: A greenish blue color, originally derived as a dye from the cornflower plant.
Icey: Blue ice occurs on glaciers when snow falls on them and compresses.
Indigo: A dark blue between purple and midnight blue.
Powder: Powder brings to mind blue, snow, cocaine, gunpowder, and sugar.
Oxford: "Blues" are awarded at Oxford for the highest levels of athletic achievement.
Skye: Sky blue is a lighter shade of blue than azure. It is described as the sun at noon.
Zaffre: A deep blue pigment created by roasting cobalt ore.

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