20 Cool Cat Names Inspired By Hawaiian Words

Hawaii is a great place that represents sunshine and happiness. If you have traveled there, you should definitely consider choosing a Hawaiian-themed name for your kitty. Traditional Hawaiian words can make unique, breezy, and beautiful cat names. Here comes our selection of 20 cool Hawaiian cat names inspired by traditional Hawaii words and phrases.

Aloha: Hello and goodbye.

Anuenue: Rainbow.
Asera: Lucky.
Hoku: Star.
Honi: Kiss.
Ilio: Dog.
Kahuna: Priest.
Kanaka: Human.
Kane: Man.
Keiki: Child.
Kono: Invited.
Mahalo: Thank you.
Makana: Gift.
Mau Loa: Forever.
Nohea: Handsome.
Ohana: Family.
Paniolo: Cowboy.
Pupule: Crazy.
Wahine: Woman.
Wiwi: Skinny.

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