46 Unique American Cat Names With Great Meanings

Some people like cat names of American origin, maybe they are American people, or they have a kitty of American origin breed. Whatever, American cat names have great sound, and they have great meanings. Here comes our selection of 46 unique American cat names, these names are originated in American and they have great meanings. Check out the below list and select your favorite name for your beloved cat.

Aretha: Virtuous; excellent.

Autumn: The fall season.
Ayshea: Alive and well.
Charmaine: Happy.
Chevy: Knight.
Cornell: An American private Ivy League research university.
Dakota: Forever smiling. Also a Native American tribe and First Nations people in North America.
Danetta: God is my judge.
Danica: Morning star.
Darnell: Hidden alcove, hidden niche.
Deborah: The meaning, "worker bee" implies that a Deborah is a hard-working and tenacious person.
Ebony: Dense black wood.
Elroy: The king.
Floy: Blossoming.
Ivory: White and pure.
Jamille: Beautiful.
Joi: Rejoicing.
Jonelle: God is gracious.
Julias: Youthful.
Kenda: Valley of the River Kent.
Kia: Pet form of Kiana.
King: A male monarch.
Kizzy: Cinnamon-like bark.

Lamont: Law man.
Laticia: Joyful.
Lavonne: Yew.
Leasha: Noble.
Quiana: Divine.
Rashida: Rightly guided.
Renaldo: Counselor-ruler.
Samuela: Asked of God.
Sarone: His song.
Saundra: Defender of the people.
Shanta: Serenity, calm.
Shari: from the land of Sharon.
Sharmine: Charming, delight.
Shavonne: God is gracious.
Shayla: Fairy palace.
Sheri: Beautiful, my beloved.
Shervan: God is gracious.
Simona: Loud.
Stella: Star.
Sylvia: From the forest.
Tanish: An ambitious man.
Timaula: God's honor.
Tyesha: Alive and well.

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