20 Handsome Cat Names That Mean Handsome

A handsome boy or man means having good-looking, charming and possess an attractive aura to girls. Boys with good-looking deserve handsome names. A handsome name will help your little cat's self-image. Here comes our selection of 20 handsome boy cat names, these names have the meaning of handsome or good looking in various origins and cultures.

Aden: Biblical name means Handsome, Adorned.

Adonis: Extremely good looking, handsome.
Alan: Means handsome or cheerful in Irish, variant forms include Allan and Allen.
Beau: Handsome, admiror, sweetheart.
Calix: Greek for "very handsome."
Farron: handsome servant, thunder.
Frey: In Norse mythology, Frey is the fertility god, and also the most handsome of all the deities.
Hassan: Arabic for "good-looking, handsome."
Jamil: Means handsome or beautiful.
Kanu: Hindi for Handsome.
Keefe: Means "Handsome and noble" in Irish.
Ken: Irish for Handsome.
Kenneth: handsome.
Kevin: Irish for "handsome beloved."
Lepolo: Polynesian for "a handsome man."
Nordin: Norse for "a handsome man."
Shakil: Arabic for Handsome.
Sohan: Hindi for "good-looking, handsome."
Yorath: Welsh for "handsome lord."
Zene: African for "a handsome man."

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