25 Unique Cat Names Meaning Clumsy

Clumsy cats are funny, and it will be a cool idea to choose a clumsy name for your awkward kitten. It is not easy to find some cat names meaning clumsy, here we get some. Check out the below list of clumsy cat names, most of these names have the meaning of clumsy or awkward, and they make perfect names for your clumsy kitties.

Blunder: An embarrassing mistake.

Bumble: To bungle or blunder awkwardly.
Clumber: Perfect name for your Clumber Spaniel puppy.
Clumsy: Awkward in movement or action.
Cluts: A clumsy person.
Clyde: A playful Scottish river name, made famous by the bank robber Clyde Barrow in the film "Bonnie and Clyde".
Cosmo: Order, harmony, beauty.
Dapp: German name meaning Clumsy.
Dextrous: Having mental skill or adroitness.
Doodle: To draw or sketch aimlessly.
Drunky: A person who drinks like a fish.
Gaukroger: Roger the clumsy.
Goofy: Silly, ridiculous.
Kay: Nickname meaning "clumsy."
Kibbe: Nickname meaning "clumsy."
Lennie: As strong and brave as a lion.
Lincks: Americanized spelling of Dutch Linckx, a nickname meaning "clumsy."
Lucht: Nickname from Middle Low German lucht meaning "clumsy."
Lumber: To walk or move clumsily or heavily.
Lurz: Nickname for a clumsy person.
Malay: Hindu name meaning "a mountain."
Podo: Short for Podocarpus, which are evergreen shrubs or trees usually from 1 to 25 meters tall.
Stumble: The act of stumbling.
Topple: To fall forward, as from having too heavy a top.
Tumble: An act of tumbling or falling.

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