Amazing Male Cat Names Meaning Happiness and Joyful

These wonderful male cat names have the meaning of happiness, joyful, delightful and cheerful.

Adebayo: Nigerian for "he was happy."

Alhad: Sanskrit for Happiness.
Alitz: Hebrew for Happy.
Anschel: Hebrew for Happy.
Anshel: Variant of Asher, which signifies happiness.
Arnan: Hebrew for Joyful.
Asher: Hebrew for Happiness.
Aykut: Persian for "happy moon."
Ayo: Nigerian for Happiness.
Bliss: Anglo Saxon for Happy.
Blithe: Happy.
Blythe: Anglo Saxon for Happy.
Caio: Welsh for Joy.
Caius: Latin for Rejoice.
Dakarai: Zimbabwean for
Delshad: Persian for "of happy heart."
Eadgar: Being rich or happy.
Edwin: German for "happy friend."
Faine: Happy.
Fane: Happy, joyful.
Farhan: Muslim for "glad, happy and joyful."
Feliciano: Italian for Happy.
Felix: Hebrew for Happy.
Gaius: Latin for Happy.
Gale: Irish for "cheerful, happy."
Gaye: Merry, Happy.
Gil: French for Joy.
Gilon: Hebrew for Joy.
Hani: Muslim for Delighted.
Hitansh: Hindu for "the wish for our happiness."
Isaac: Hebrew for Laughter.
Jaren: Cry of rejoicing.
Jazlaan: Muslim for Joy.
Keyes: Variant of Cauis, which means Rejoice in Hebrew.
Khushnud: Muslim for Happy.
Le: Chinese for Happiness.

Macario: Spanish for Happy.
Marnin: Hebrew for "one who creates joy."
Masos: Hebrew for Happiness.
Naim: Hebrew for "sweetness, pleasantness, my delight."
Nario: Italian for Cheerful.
Nashat: Muslim for Happiness.
Oron: Hebrew for "light, joy."
Osher: Hebrew for "happiness, good fortune."
Ottokar: German for "happy fighter."
Parviz: Persian for "victorious, happy, excellent."
Radimir: Slavic for "famous joy."
Rufaro: Shona name means "happiness, elation."
Sadaat: Arabic for Happiness.
Saidah: African for "happy, fortunate."
Sealey: From the happy meadow.
Shaad: Arabic for "happy and cheerful."
Shadee: Persian for Happiness.
Shadi: Persian for Happiness.
Shahdi: Persian for Happiness.
Simcha: Hebrew for Joy.
Tarub: Arabic for Happy.
Tate: Cheerful.
Tayte: Cheerful.
Vidor: Hungarian for Happy.
Winston: Joyful stone.
Zelig: German for Happy.
Zorian: Originated in Latin-America and signifies happy.
Zorion: Portuguese for "full of joy."

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