Unique Greek Cat Names For Female Kittens

Greek is a cool source for cat names. You could name your female kitty after one of the Greek Gods, Heroes and Monsters. You could also choose those baby names of Greek origin, most of these names have great meanings.

We have collected over 100 female cat names of Greek origin, and these unique names are from Greek mythologies, stories, and literature. You will surely love these names if you like Greek culture.

Abeona: Goddess of Passage.

Abnoba: Forest and river Goddess.
Acacia: Innocent and honest.
Adila: Basket.
Adonia: The feminine form of Adonis, which means beautiful.
Agatha: One who has good qualities.
Aggie: Virtuous, good.
Agnes: One who is chaste or pure.
Aine: Sky or sun Goddess.
Alena: Bright, shining light.
Alesia: An assistant.
Aleta: Traveler.
Alexa: Man's defender. Also a variant of Alexandra.
Alexandra: Protector of man. Latinate feminine form of Alexander.
Alex: Protector of man. Short form of Alexandra and Alexis.
Alpha: First letter of the Greek alphabet.
Anastasia: Resurrection.
Anatola: One from the east.
Andromeda: The beautiful daughter of Ethiopean King Cepheus and Queen Cassiopeia.
Annis: Complete or united.
Anthea: Flowery.
Aphrodite: Goddess of love.
Aretha: Excellence.
Artemis: Virgin Goddess of the Hunt and Mistress of the Animals.
Asia: Sunrise.
Astra: Star.
Atalanta: The fleet footed heroine and huntress that swore never to marry.
Athena: Goddess of Wisdom, Hunting and Weaving among many other areas.
Barbara: An alien or foreigner.
Basha: Stranger. From the same root as Barbara.
Basilia: Royalty.
Beta: The second letter of the Greek alphabet.
Bia: Goddess of force.
Birgit: Fertility Goddess.
Calandra: A little bird.
Calla: Lovely.
Callista: Full of beauty.
Callisto: The daughter of Lycaon, King of Arcadia and was one of Artemis's hunting companions.
Calypso: A demi-goddess and nymph who lived on the hidden island of Ogygia.
Candace: A radiant white.
Candika: Goddess of desire.
Cassandra: The second most beautiful woman in the world, after Helen of Troy.
Catherine: One who is pure.
Cathy: Pet form of Catherine and Catharine.
Charissa: A caring person.
Charmaine: Happy.
Chloe: Term meaning young, green plant.
Clio: A name from mythology of the muse of historical poetry.
Cora: Virgin or maiden.
Cybele: Mother Goddess.
Cyrena: From Cyrene.
Dacia: One from Dacia.
Damia: Goddess of Forces of Nature.
Dana: Mother of the Gods.
Daria: A royal lady.
Dea: Goddess.
Delia: Glittering.
Delphi: The Oracle of Delphi. The dog named Pythia or Delphi can read your mind.
Delta: The fourth letter of the Greek alphabet.
Demeter: Vegetation Goddess.
Demetria: From Demeter.
Dorothea: Gift from God.
Effie: Well-spoken.
Eileithyia: Goddess of birth.
Eirene: Goddess of peace.
Electra: Brilliant. In mythology Electra was the daughter of Agamemmnon and Clymnestra.
Ellie: Pet form of many girls' names including Elaine, Eleanor, Elizabeth, Ella, Ellen and Eloise.
Eudora: Humble and giving.
Eugenia: Royalty.
Eulalie: Good speaking.
Fern: A name from nature, Fern is a green shade-loving plant.
Feta: A Greek cheese.
Flora: Goddess of flowers.
Freja: Norse Goddess of love.
Gaia: The earth.
Gamma: The third letter of the Greek alphabet.
Glenda: Divine Goddess.
Grace: The three Graces or Charites were daughters of Zeus and Eurynome.
Guri: Beautiful gods.
Hali: The sea.
Hanna: Goddess of life.
Hebe: Goddess of youth.
Hecuba: Faithful queen and wife of Priam, the King of Troy.
Hedy: Peaceful.
Helen: Helen of Troy, daughter of Zeus and Leda, sister to Castor, Pollux and Clytemnestra.
Hellene: Sun ray. Also a variant of Helen.
Hera: Goddess of heaven.
Hestia: Goddess of the hearth.
Hina: Goddess of the moon.
Hosanna: Praise to God.
Hypatia: Greatest or highest.
Iliad: The oldest surviving Greek work of poetry.
Ilithya: Goddess of Women In Labour.
Iona: A Greek term for violet.
Iota: This is the ninth letter of the Greek alphabet. Also means a very small quantity.

Iris: Messenger Goddess.
Isis: Most powerful of Egyptian Goddesses.
Ivy: An evergreen climbing ornamental plant which represents fidelity and eternity.
Kappa: This is the 10th letter of the Greek alphabet.
Karen: Pure.
Laconia: The home of the Spartans in ancient times.
Lacy: From Latius's estate.
Lambda: The 11th letter of the Greek alphabet.
Larena: Sea bird.
Larissa: A happy person.
Latona: Mother of Apollo and Diana in the Roman pantheon.
Lilah: Night beauty.
Lotus: Lotus flower.
Maere: Goddess of song.
Maisie: Pearl.
Meader: Sorceress.
Megan: Famous one.
Melinda: Soft and calm.
Melissa: Honey-bee.
Minerva: Goddess of wisdom.
Miram: Mistress of the sea.
Mona: One.
Naiad: A type of nymph, who presided over fountains, wells, springs, streams, brooks and other bodies of freshwater.
Nell: Shining light.
Nenet: Goddess of the deep.
Neola: A youthful girl.
Nicole: A name meaning victory of the people.
Nike: Goddess of strength, speed, and victory.
Nyx: Greek Goddess or Personification of the Night.
Obelia: A pointed pillar.
Odele: A melodic song.
Odessa: An odyssey or long journey.
Olympia: From Mt. Olympus or Heaven.
Omega: This is the final letter of the Greek alphabet.
Ophelia: An assistant or helper.
Paige: A very young child.
Pallas: A childhood friend of Athena.
Pam: A variant of Pamela.
Pamela: Honey.
Pandora: Pandora was created by the gods from clay as the first woman on Earth. She was beautiful, talented and feminine.
Panthea: All the gods.
Papyrus: A plant used by the ancient Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians as material for their documents.
Parthenia: A woman who is a virgin or a maiden.
Peigi: Volcano Goddess.
Pelagia: One who comes out of the sea.
Penelope: The wife of Odysseus, and a very good wife indeed.
Petra: Rock. Feminine variant of Peter.
Pheobe: Sparkling.
Pheonix: A mythical bird that is a fire spirit with a colorful plumage and a tail of gold and scarlet.
Philantha: Lover of flowers.
Philippa: One who loves horses.
Phoebe: She is brilliant and shining.
Psyche: Wife of Eros.
Pyrena: Fire. This girl dog is full of passion.
Rhea: A flowing brook or stream.
Rhiannon: witch nymph Goddess,
Rhoda: Rose.
Saba: The queen of Sheba is rich and ostentatious.
Sappho: An ancient Greek poet.
Selene: Titan Goddess of the Moon.
Shannon: Little wise one.
Sibyl: Prophetess, oracle.
Siren: The original femme fatales, Sirens were beautiful half woman half bird creatures.
Sofi: Wise.
Sonya: A wise counselor.
Stacia: Resurrection.
Stella: Star.
Sulis: Goddess who watched over Bath.
Tabitha: A gazelle.
Tecla: Heavenly fame.
Tessa: Born fourth.
Thaddea: A very courageous person.
Thalassa: From the sea.
Thea: Goddess.
Theda: A wonderful gift from God.
Thelma: Nursing.
Thera: Raw or wild.
Theta: The 8th letter of the Greek alphabet.
Thyra: Shield bearer.
Trina: Innocent.
Tyronica: Goddess of battle.
Urania: Greek muse of astronomy.
Vanessa: A butterfly.
Venus: Goddess of love.
Vesta: Goddess of the hearth.
Xenia: Very receptive and open.
Xylia: One who comes from the forest.
Yolanda: The violet flower.
Zeta: The 6th letter of the Greek alphabet.
Zoe: Life.
Zora: Dawn.

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