100 Unusual Cat Names Means Sweet

Kittens are gender and sweet, just like your chocolate candies. If you are looking for some sweet cat names for your kittens with sweet personalities, you could check out this list of 100 unusual cat names have the meaning sweet.

Most of these names mean sweet in various origins, others are inspired by sweet fruits or candies, along with some candies or chocolate brandies. Just pick your favorite sweet cat name for your beloved sweetie.

Female Sweet Cat Names

Alaqua: Native American for "sweet gum tree".

Anoush: Armenian for "sweet disposition".
Brandie: American for "sweet nectar".
Candie: American for "bright, sweet".
Candy: American for "bright, sweet".
Dulce: Spanish for "sweet".
Dulcea: Spanish for "sweet".
Dulcinea: Spanish for "sweet".
Elma: Turkish for "sweet fruit".
Eulalie: Greek for "sweet talk".
Gandhali : Indian for "sweet scent".
Gavivi: African for "money is sweet".
Habika: African for "sweetheart".
Honey: American for "sweet as honey".
Jill: English for "sweetheart".
Kara: Irish for "sweet melody".
Karah: American for "sweet melody".
Kreeli: American for "sweet and charming".
Kuhu : Indian for "the sweet note of the bird".
Madhul : Indian for "sweet".
Madhumitha : Indian for "sweet person".
Madhur : Indian for "melodious; sweet".
Madhuri : Indian for "sweet madhuri".
Madhuvanthi : Indian for "one who is sweet like honey".
Mandisa: African for "sweet".
Manju: Hindu for "sweet".
Manjusha : Indian for "lady with a sweet voice".
Manoush: Persian for "sweet sun".
Mehak : Indian for "sweet smell; aura; fragrance".
Melangell: Welsh for "sweet angel".
Melosa: Spanish for "sweetlike".
Miette: French for "small sweet thing".
Mishti : Indian for "sweet person".
Misri : Indian for "sweet".
Mora: Spanish for "sweet berry".
Nalini : Indian for "lotus; sweet nectar".
Onaona: Hawaiian for "sweet smell".
Papiha : Indian for "a sweet singing bird".
Rehana: Indian for "sweet smelling plant".
Rhaxma: African for "sweet".
Rianna: Welsh for "sweet basil, virtuous".
Run Zhun : Indian for "sweet sound jalankan zhun".
Shirin: Persian for "sweet".
Sunanda : Indian for "sweet charectered".
Surbhi : Indian for "sweet fragrance".
Vevina: Irish for "sweet lady".
Zarna : Indian for "a small stream of sweet water".
Amabel: Latin for "the sweet one."
Coco: Coconut palm.
Deborah: Sweet and diligent.
Godiva: The Belgian chocolatier in its distinctive gold box with a logo inspired by the legendary ride.
Freia: A chocolate brand from Norway.
Ezti: In Basque, Ezti literally means "honey or sweet".
Heath: The candy manufactured by Hershey.
Lolovivi: African for "love is sweet".
Manjula: Indian for Sweet.
Minette: French for "sweet and dainty".
Naamah: Hebrew for "sweetness".
Pamela: Sweetness.
Peaches: Peaches with white flesh typically are very sweet with little acidity.
Reka: Maori for Sweet.
Sabia: Irish for "the sweet one".
Satsuma: A kind of mandarin orange.
Sultana: A small, seedless raisin.
Sweetie: Candy, sweets.
Tangerine: Mandarin orange.
Zusa: Sweet.

Male Sweet Cat Names

Chikku: Indian for "sweet; fruit".

Damian: Greek for "sweet and harmless".
Kaipo: Hawaiian for "sweetheart".
Kampu : Indian for "sweet".
Madhuram : Indian for "sweet".
Piyush: Indian for "amrit; nectar; sweet water".
Ragesh : Indian for "the man who sings sweet ragas".
Ratul: Indian for "sweet".
Adoncia: Spanish for Sweet.
Aldonza: Spanish for Sweet.
Butter: The fatty portion of milk.
Calisson: A traditional French candy, made from a mix of oranges and almonds.
Clark: The candy bar created by DL Clark, an Irish immigrant.
Haviland: A type of mint made by Necco.
Ikshu: Sanskrit for Sweet.
Jarah: Biblical for "sweetness".
Kit Kat: A well-known chocolate-coverage wafer, easily broken apart.
Mango: Mangoes are sweet and juicy.
Miel: French for Honey.
Mignon: French for "sweet and dainty".
Mignonette: French for "sweet and dainty".
Milk: The lactose gives milk its sweet taste.
Mirit: Hebrew for "sweet as wine".
Orion: A white wine grape variety. Also a candy brand bought by Nestle.
Palmer: The candy company founded in Sioux City, Iowa.
Pixy: A tube of pure sugar with a little bit of flavor mixed in.
Puff: A form of light pastry with a filling of cream, jam, or the like.
Pumpkin: In the Middle East, pumpkin is used for sweet dishes.
Raisin: Raisins are sweet due to their high concentration of sugars.
Reese: Strongly associated with all things peanut butter and chocolate.
Salome: Sweet.
Shereen: Persian for Sweet.
Sugar: A sweet, crystalline substance.

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