19 Amazing Cat Names That Mean Angel

Angels are spiritual beings that are thought of messengers of God, and they often protect and guide human beings. They are often portrayed clothed in white with beautiful wings and a halo.

Angelic baby names are as unique and beautiful as they are meaningful. If you are searching for a spiritual or unique cat name, you will love our list of unique and wonderful names. We have pulled together a list of 19 names that mean angel for you, just check out them and enjoy!

Aingeal: Irish girl name for "angel."

Angel: Unsex baby name for "messenger of god".
Angela: Greek girl name for "angel".
Angele: Greek girl name for "angel".
Angelee: Greek girl name for "angel".
Angelette: French girl name for "little angel".
Angelica: Latin girl name for "angelic"
Angelina: Greek girl name for "angel".
Angelique: French girl name for "like an angel".
Angelisa: Greek or Latin girl name for "angel".
Angelo: Italian boy name for "from the angel".
Engelbert: German boy name for "bright as an angel".
Erela: Hebrew girl name for "angel".
Erelah: Hebrew girl name for "angel".
Evangeline: Greek girl name for "bringer of good news".
Faida: Icelandic girl name for" wings that are folded".
Malayeka: Arabic girl name for "angel".
Serafim: Hebrew boy name for "an angel-like being".
Seraphina: Hebrew girl name for "fiery-winged".

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