17 Classic Irish Names For Male Or Female Kittens

Irish language is very lyrical, and Irish cat names can be very beautiful. There are lots of classic Irish names in Ireland, and these traditional and classic names are suitable for cat names. Check out the below 17 typical classic Irish cat names for inspirations.

Bailey: In the Middle Ages, a bailiff was a minor official of the law.

Brenna: Little drop of water.
Brogan: Sturdy shoe.
Chance: Good fortune.
Clover: A traditional symbol of wealth, luck and comfort.
Connor: Hound-lover.
Duff: Swarthy.
Erin: Ireland.
Kirby: Settlement by a church.
Kylie: Graceful.
Lucky: Fortunate.
Mac: Son of.
Murray: Man of the sea.
Oscar: Friend of the deer.
Paddy: Noble, patrician.
Patrick: Patrician, noble.
Seamus: He who supplants.

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