Celebrity Cat Names on August 14

Naming your newborn kittens after one of the celebrities of the same birthday is an interesting thing. Here we listed most of the famous people who were born on August 14. You could choose your favorite celebrity name from the below list, the name could be given name, middle last, surname or even nickname. If you would like to celebrate another important day, for example your cat's adopted day or another important day of your family, you could change the date at the bottom of this page.

Marsai Martin, TV Actress, Born in 2004

Eliot Carrington, Soap Opera Actor, Born in 2002

Bryce Hall, Web Video Star, Born in 2000

Garrett Ryan, TV Actor, Born in 1999

Austin Porter, Pop Singer, Born in 1997

Enzo Carini, Model, Born in 1996

Andrew Scites, Web Video Star, Born in 1991

Kiko Alonso, Football Player, Born in 1990

Ander Herrera, Soccer Player, Born in 1989

Sammy Adams, Rapper, Born in 1987

James Buckley, TV Actor, Born in 1987

Tim Tebow, Football Player, Born in 1987

Shea Weber, Hockey Player, Born in 1985

Giorgio Chiellini, Soccer Player, Born in 1984

Nick Grimshaw, TV Show Host, Born in 1984

Clay Buchholz, Baseball Player, Born in 1984

Sunidhi Chauhan, Pop Singer, Born in 1983

Lamorne Morris, TV Actor, Born in 1983

Mila Kunis, Movie Actress, Born in 1983

Spencer Pratt, Reality Star, Born in 1983

Kofi Kingston, Wrestler, Born in 1981

Kate Ritchie, Soap Opera Actress, Born in 1978

Nikko London, Reality Star, Born in 1975

Jay-Jay Okocha, Soccer Player, Born in 1973

Paddy McGuinness, Comedian, Born in 1973

Yoo Jae-suk, Comedian, Born in 1972

Jay Manuel, Reality Star, Born in 1972

Preston Lacy, Reality Star, Born in 1969

Chris Perez, Guitarist, Born in 1969

Catherine Bell, TV Actress, Born in 1968

Ben Bass, TV Actor, Born in 1968

Rick Cordeiro, Movie Actor, Born in 1968

Halle Berry, Movie Actress, Born in 1966

Lady Bunny, Movie Actress, Born in 1962

Susan Olsen, TV Actress, Born in 1961

Sarah Brightman, Opera Singer, Born in 1960

Magic Johnson, Basketball Player, Born in 1959

Marcia Gay Harden, Movie Actress, Born in 1959

Jackee Harry, TV Actress, Born in 1956

James Horner, Composer, Born in 1953

Danielle Steel, Novelist, Born in 1947

Steve Martin, Movie Actor, Born in 1945

David Crosby, Guitarist, Born in 1941

Connie Smith, Country Singer, Born in 1941

Just Fontaine, Soccer Player, Born in 1933

Ray William Johnson, Web Video Star, Born in 1927

Andrea Leeds, Movie Actress, Born in 1914

Doc Holliday, , Born in 1851

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