Elliot: Meaning of cat name Elliot

Pronunciation: [El-li-ot]

Gender of Elliot: Male

Meaning of Elliot: the Lord is my God

Origin of Elliot: Anglicization

Variant Forms:

Eliotafter the poet T.S. Eliot, author of the poems Cats was based onMaleEnglish
ElliottThe Lord is my GodMaleEnglish

Famous People Named Elliot:

Missy Elliott is a five times Grammy Award winning American rapper, singer, songwriter and producer.

Jim Elliot was an evangelical Christian Missionary.

George Elliot was an English novelist.

Elliott Smith was a talented musician who could play multiple instruments like guitar, piano, drums, and clarinet.

Elliott Carter is a renowned composer whose music incorporates many features from neoclassicism to serialism.

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