Charle: Meaning of cat name Charle

Gender of Charle: Unisex

Meaning of Charle:

Origin of Charle: Hebrew

Famous Cats Named Charle:

Charley cat: Cat friend of Marmaduke dog.

Famous People Named Charle:

Sir Arthur Charles Clarke was a British science fiction writer, inventor and futurist who had also served in the Royal Air Force during the World War II.

Ric Charlesworth is an Australian sports consultant, former hockey player and the greatest sporting coach of Australia.

Ray Charles was a popular American singer, songwriter and was the discoverer of soul music.

Princess Charlene of Monaco is a former South African Olympic swimmer who, after her marriage to Prince Albert II, became the Princess of Monaco.

Charles Whitman was a notorious mass murderer.

Charles Wesley was one of the greatest hymn writers and founding fathers of the Methodist movement.

Charles Taylor is a former politician from Liberia, who served as the President of the country for six years.

Charles Spurgeon was England’s best known preacher during the second half of the nineteenth century.

Charles Simic is a renowned poet known for his literary works such as 'Dismantling the Silence' and 'The Lunatic'.

Charles Saatchi is a British businessman and one of the most well-known collectors of contemporary works of art.

Charles Robert Redford Jr. is an American actor, environmentalist and is the founder of the ‘Sundance Film Festival’.

Charles R. Drew was a great surgeon who introduced the concept of ‘blood bank’.

Charles Mingus was an eminent African-American jazz musician.

Charles Messier is the great astronomer who discovered the nebulae and star clusters.

Charles Manson is a notorious criminal of America.

Charles M. Schwab was a famous American businessman and steel magnate who became the president of the largest steel maker company in the world.

Charles M. Schulz was the most influential American cartoonist of the 20th century.

Charles Lindbergh was an award winning American aviator, inventor and author.

Charles Kingsley was a minister of the Church of England, Christian Socialist, novelist, university professor, historian and amateur naturalist.

Charles IX was a French King.

Charles Ives was a renowned American classical music composer.

Charles II was the monarch of England, Scotland, and Ireland.

Charles Horace Mayo was a renowned medical practitioner and was one of the founder members of the ‘Mayo Clinic’.

Charles Hermite was a renowned French Mathematician who is famous for his theorems and research in mathematics and physics.

Charles Greeley Abbot was an American astrophysicist, best known for his research in the field of solar energy.

Charles Gounod was one of the most brilliant French composers of the 19th century.

Charles G. Dawes was the 30th Vice President of the United States.

Charles F. Kettering was an American inventor and electrical engineer who held more than 150 patents.

Charles Eames was a famous American designer known for his great contribution to modern architecture and furniture.

Charles Darwin was one of the most influential figures in human history.

Charles Brown was a renowned American blues singer who had a major influence on the development of blues music during the 1940s and 1950s.

Charles Bronson was one of the most talented actors in Hollywood, best known for portraying the character of a tough guy.

Charles Boyer was a French actor best known for playing romantic roles in American films.

Charles Best was a great scientist and a renowned physiologist who is remembered for being the co-discoverer of insulin.

Charles Baudelaire was a famous French poet and art critic known for his critical reviews of the notable artists of his times.

Charles Babbage is regarded as the father of modern computers.

Charles Augustin De Coulomb is the physicist associated with the famous Coulomb’s Law.

Charles Alston was an artist, sculptor, muralist, painter and teacher who enriched the culture of Harlem in New York.

Charlemagne was a medieval ruler, who once ruled many parts of Western Europe.

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