Calico Cat Names, Page 7

FabienDerived from the Roman clan name Fabius Male
FalkSurname relating to falconry. Male
FatinahCaptivating Female
FelicityGreat happiness FemaleLatin
FelixLucky MaleLatin
FerrisRock MaleIrish
Finianfair. Finians were warrior-followers of 3rd century legendary Irish hero Finn Mac Cumhail. MaleIrish
Fionawhite, fairFemaleScottish
FitzpatrickSon of Patrick. Surname. Male
FlameA glowing mass of burning gas or vaporMaleWord
FleurFrench for flowerFemale
Florenceafter Florence NightingaleFemaleLatin
FlynnSon of a red-haired man. Surname. MaleIrish
ForrestFrom the woods MaleEnglish
FranchescaOf FranceFemaleLatin
FrannieOf FranceFemaleEnglish
FredericoPeaceful ruler. Male
FrisbeeA plastic disc shaped toy that is actively thrown and caught.Male
FudgeA soft, rich candyMale
GaleniaSmall intelligent one Female

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